Smoky Mountain
Dog Bakery

102 N Main St, Waynesville NC • 828.246.9600

Wholesale Bakery Treats

Wholesale orders must have a $200 minimum.
For orders of a lower amount, please return to our retail pages. Thanks

Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery creates all-natural gourmet dog treats for our furry loved ones. Our natural dog treats are made with top-shelf, human-grade ingredients that will leave any pup begging for more. You won't find by-products and imported foods in this dog bakery. We hand mix, hand-roll and hand-cut dog treats for our precious friends. Products are hand-made in America with locally sourced ingredients like stone-ground rye flour - always wheat-free and corn-free. We believe our willingness to get down and use our hands conveys some special qualities and love into the gourmet dog treats we create. We make a special product and want to keep it that way…you will not find our product in any chain store. You can buy mass-produced dog treats anywhere or you can spoil your dog with the canine equivalent of rustic, organic, artisan bread. We truly hope your customer's best buddy enjoys our treats as much as we enjoy making them. From our hands and our hearts.